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PVP question regarding Perks

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There are some perks that seem EXTREMELY OP if they worked in PVP against players. Trust me Ive searched the internet for 2 days now and anytime someone talks about perks it involves PVE. In this specific scenario if your sneaking for instance and you shoot a player and that player doesn't have vision of you on their fov. do you get the sneak damage bonus from "Assassin" for instance?


I think it needs to be stated whether or not perks effect only zombies or zombies and players. There is alot of damage modifying perks that we are just unsure if they effect enemy players when shooting them. Add it to the tool tip maybe? Unless no damage modifying perks work against players. Im going to waste points going down a specific tree thinking its helping me when its not.

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well the game was built around survival against zombies, not your fellow players, I would assume most abilities do NOT affect pvp (except the +damage ones from weapon skill trees) and the "hunter" mod which affects live targets.


if your purpose is to player kill, then focus on weapon specialty and scavenging for supplies

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