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New Vehicle (Contruction Vehicles


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OK, so this idea is far into left field but it would be amazing. 


Bulldozer to level ground and knock over objects like walls and trees - could be come a great pvp vehicle


Paver to put down asphalt over terrain to make new roads and it could fix pot holes as well


Excavator to dig down deep this could be used to knock over tall structures as well using the wrecking ball vehicle mod instead of the bucket


Dump truck moves large amounts of materials like stone ore and clay


All of these are slow moving and attracts huge amounts of zombies while in use


These could be a Tier 6 found object reward


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Yeah, i would love if there was a killdozer in the game, or an apc, maybe even a tank. It would just drink gas like crazy, but it would also be cool to have, and would be like a mobile base. Maybe even a semi truck that would be a mobile base? Sure it would not last long if zombies started attacking it, but at the same time it would make looting cities not such a pain. 

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