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was the super corn gimp intentional?

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Just now, pApA^LeGBa said:

MP/SP doesn´t matter, crack a book is a quest POI. It respawns when you start the quest.

True, but super corn still valuable. I am glad I can harverst 300 super corn and craft 150 glue -> duct tape without need leave my base. Then I can focus on mining/building. I dont need hunt animals, I can live eating vegetable soup. I can craft paper inside the safety of my base to craft my dynamits and shotgun (to be honest I dont like shotgun...).

Well, it is nice we have one more source of glue and paper. So, why bother?

We have plenty of food recipes, why bother about super corn?

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It´s fine for glue. I would never use glue to make paper tough. You play PvP i guess, then it´s understandable if you stay inside. At PvE the questing is way more effective and faster. Also you get a lot more than just paper.


It´s just a nice to have tbh, so you don´t have to hunt animals and harvest carcasses during your whole game. If you don´t find super corn early on, you propably have a ton of bones, paper and glue already when you get it.

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