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A19 B163, Dont do it, revert!

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I updated to this as the server i play on (cyberpunk server) had already updated as well... soon as i logged in i couldnt access any of my storage chests, forges, workbenches, mixers or anything... i could access my backpack but even that was screwy
   If i tried to place my minibike down it instantly disappeared and got swallowed by the server... also noticed lots of missing sounds....   
   B163 was pushed way to early... its unplayable

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You might have to restart. Playing in experimental means that if they make changes to stuff you might (often recommended) have to restart your game. I'll be deleting my save and restarting tonight so I dont run into any issues with the changes.



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Yeah having some issues with b163. Dire wolves on first start, Not that bad however on my MP game the grass and normal storage chests are invisible. Their all still there and can be used but not seen. Might just keep going for a while and see if any other issues occur.


Just check my SP save and same no visible grass or normal storage chests but still able to use them.

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My friend and myself had some bad experience too.


1. I was standing next to him when he opened the container below the campfire.  The container disappeared from the world (with most of our food) and the campfire then had no more support so it then fell and broke, with our grill and pot and cooked foods all lost.


2. Right before the update I had found and wore a Level 1 Military leg armor.  This disappeared from my player.  Nothing else disappeared.


3. My friend also noticed some armor disappeared.


After this we upgraded the server and then continued playing.

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No issues with upgrading the server and clients to 163.

Windows dedi server.

Linux client, and other player with windows client.


Even have a few mods going and a couple xml tweaks.


zero issues, just LOTS of critters that wanted to be stored in the kitchen. (we obliged)



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