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upgrade your armor first or your weapon or something else?

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I'm transitioning from 6 to 7 and I upgraded stealth first. Then armor. If I catch him while they're asleep, I'm doing all the damage I need and when I go to blue armor I will be able to make it quieter.

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I find that cloth armor works good enough at T6 to cover most needs and I mainly play melee. You can loot that pretty easily as you level. So until I start seeing Q6 iron armour I have no need to invest anything into armour skills.


Then really it depends. I like to do


Level 1: Advanced Engineering 1, Miner 69er 1, Sexual Tyrannosaurus 1, Animal Tracker 1

Level 2: Master Chef 1

Level 3: STR 2

Level 4: STR 3

Level 5: Sexual Tyrannosaurus 2

Level 6: Miner 69er 2

Level 7: Pummel Pete 1

Level 8: Healing Factor 1

Level 9: Living Off The Land 1

Level 10: FOR 2

Level 11: FOR 3

Level 12: FOR 4

Level 13: Living Off The Land 2

Level 14: Pain Toleramce 1

Level 15: INT 2

Level 16: INT 3

Level 17: INT 4

Level 18: Advanced Engineering 2

Level 19: Grease Monkey 1

Level 20: Rule 1: Cardio 1


So first 20 levels I look to get faster breakage of stuff, better iron tools and then a vehicle plus natural resist and crafting better stuff. I find less need to put points into weapon and armour skills right away but the pummel pete for baseball bats.

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