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Short Horde Nights


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Is anyone else having the issue that Horde Nights are over at Midnight now?  


On My Server it is day 141 so we just had a Horde Night that started at 10:00 pm and only ran till Midnight....


Why would this be a thing and hopefully it is not meant to be like this can you say BORING Horde Nights....


They Should last like before until 4 am....  I have players always driving me a little nuts with the complaints that horde night is dead once again....


Can this please be fixed or at least tell me what I can do to fix it myself.


Thank You and hope this gets taken care of soon.


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You can mod it but I read somewhere Joel (madmole) said they will eventually fix this. 

This is a bit of a pain but as soon as the horde is done, you can log out & log back on & the horde will start over. 

I've done this twice (once by accident) & it almost seems the horde was more intense upon re log in. 

Anyway I agree, it is a little bit of a let down. The trickle effect some alphas back was kinda lame but at least it was something.

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