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6 minutes ago, Good_Days13 said:

Whenever I am starving in the game, my health will go down like one per real life minute and I think that is way to slow. You could be starving for like 2 in-game days and that really gets rid of any need to eat, because you can just survive.

If you starve irl your fine and then suddenly in second you fall dead to the ground? Starving IS a very slow process.


If your food reaches 0 your stamina is already down to a minimum. Means you can not move very fast any more. It's hard to move back to your base where your food is under these conditions. And if a zombie or wolf notices you on that way, you're most likely dead. You can delay it a little if you find food on your way. Maybe snowberries (since they have no backdraw anymore in A19, this ist best) or you can risk eating a raw egg or animal fat you find. You see the contrast here? Starving -> finding food?

You can also stay still and watch your health ticking down slooooooowly, but you can't stop it. At least i never saw a friendly zombie bringing me food. You may be happy if you do multiplayer and one of your mates brings you some food. That's fine.


Just "survivng" this way, will not bring you forward anyway.

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You're annoyed by low stamina.

In your OP you said that because all of this is just survivable removes the need to eat.

Now you even want to remove the health loss part?


I guess you played yourself.

If you find that anoying and pointless, then @%$*#!ing just eat something.


And yes, food/eating is NOT the central part of surviving in 7d2d. It's even relatively easy to get enough food, just maybe a little tricky in the first days.

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Have you tried other, less frustrating, ways to kill yourself? Based on what you're saying, I think falling from a great height and perforating your organs with your shattered femurs may be a bit too quick, but you might find the agony of drowning slowly more in line with what you're looking for?


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6 hours ago, 14U2NV said:

Is eating glass still a thing? :bounce:

Excellent idea, how remiss of me.


Be sure to scrunch it up small enough that a large shard doesn't slice straight through your oesophagus and kill you in seconds. The tiny pieces of razor death should lacerate your innards on their way down and, if you're lucky, cause a catastrophic hemorrhage in your stomach. It's a toss up then of either dying of exanguination, or drowning as your lungs fill up with torrents of your own blood. Quicker than starving yourself to death, and an absolutely horrifying way to end your miserable existence as the light leaves your eyes and your soul is dragged into the abyss.


I trust this a good solution to the slow starvation issue until it's patched.

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