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Why the warning?


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So I have had an issue for a long time with this game and that issue is my fps tanks when I turn. I had tried all of the things I: Hardware, re-installs, monitors, settings, and none of it ever worked. I would just get frustrated after a bit and move on to a game until a big update and come back for a little to play with friends. This time I was having the issue as usual with a new, much beefier rig, and someone in VOIP asked if my mouse was USB. A lightbulb went off so I went to Google and typed this: "7 days to die hitches when i turn". 

The first search result that came up (and still does) is this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/4/2570942216295130799/

I went and read it but didn't see anything which might help me so I browsed around and found some people talking about the game Apex Legends and someone mentioned polling rates on your computer mouse and how some games don't like anything over X. I dropped my polling rate to 125 mHz and ta-da! my fps when turning issues went away. 

I was feeling good so I shared what I had found on the thread which had come up first, thinking that if anyone else typed something similar to what I typed they may hit that same page...and if I mentioned polling rates it may help them.

I woke the next morning to the warning from a community moderator; the topic locked, my post deleted. All I had typed was what you saw: "Lower your polling rate for your mouse. Try setting it to 125Hz".

I told the moderator how I found it since they couldn't fathom how I managed to find the page...not rocket surgery. So I contacted Steam Support thinking a moderator didn't need to warn me. They could have just locked the thread; my reply was helpful information and not a troll bumping an old thread and nothing posted was something distasteful...issuing me a community warning was unnecessary and uncalled for.

They told me the moderator worked for the developers of the game, that it wasn't a Steam Moderator. 

So...what gives? 




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Well, first off, you're never allowed to discuss moderator actions in public, but since you have, maybe I can explain things for you.


From what I understand with Steam, moderator features there are extremely basic / limited, and warnings likely mean nothing to your account, it's just the only easy way for a moderator to be able to contact you without adding you to their friends list or discussing the warning / moderator actions in that topic which isn't ideal and only makes things messy if they have to constantly bump topics like that. So deleting your post to allow the topic to drop back down in priority and locking that topic to prevent future mistakes really is the best action they can do in that situation. Also, I think handing you a warning message is a new feature as I don't remember them having that option back when I was a moderator there. Back then, they would issue a temporary ban for like 1 day or 1 hour (can't remember as I didn't really moderate there much) just to get a message across to the person which was very tacky and no one liked it.


So ya, avoid old topics and all is fine for you. And never take things like that personal. They're just doing what they can to keep the forums clean, relevant and friendly.

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