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FPS Issues


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I have had FPS issues since A17. I upgraded my computer so that I could have a better experience and still having FPS issues. I have a clip from my stream that one of my viewers clipped if needed. This happens more during horde night but still have issues in normal play. 

Here are my PC specs. I shouldn't have FPS issues. 
Case: Thermaltake View 71 RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Vertical GPU Modular E-ATX
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W PLATINUM
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X (12-core/24-thread
CPU Cooler: CORSAIR Hydro Series, H115i RGB PLATINUM
Motherboard: ASROCK X399 Taichi
Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB
Video Card: AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti XTREME 11G
Keyboard: CORSAIR K95
Mouse: Logitech G502
SSHD: 2x Seagate FireCuda 2TB 

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Well, your CPU is about equivalent to an i5-6600K from 5 years ago. Even though it's newer, it doesn't have very high performance standards. As a result, it will bottleneck the GPU. The other fault is that RAM. It's probably the second slowest RAM you could have used on that motherboard. 

Another thing to note is your hard drives. You should either have the client installed on the SSD, or you should have those two SSHD's in RAID-0 and have it installed there. If the SSHD's are not in RAID, you don't want to put the game on them.


I'm surprised at some of your purchase options there. You really went all-out and overpaid for the motherboard and cooling, and then under-built the CPU, RAM, and hard drives. You could have easily saved about $200-300 on the motherboard, the cheap RGB on the RAM, and the overpriced AIO cooler, and purchased better products, and then spent the savings on better core hardware.


This game relies on fast and heavy CPU cycles with extreme access to the hard drive data. RAM timing is key, and basically your whole system is just bottle-necking the GPU so it's not able to fully function either.


This next part is going to sound harsh, but I assure you this is merely some helpful advice so you can make better choices in the future. (Or possibly look into fixing your hardware bottleneck.)

Going for the flashy effects on the hardware isn't doing you any favors. Something as cheap as an Evo 212 would provide better cooling than that AIO, even when overclocking. And it costs a fraction as much. ($35 compared to $160) For the RAM, you could have picked up G.Skill Ripjaws 4x8GB 3200MHz modules without the flashy RGB for $30 less than your Corsair, and would additionally be able to use the Quad-channel RAM system on that motherboard. That would set your RAM speeds at about 4 times faster than what you have now. Then you wouldn't be bottle-necking the GPU like you are now.  Swap out that motherboard with a ROG Strix with nearly the exact same features for $100 less, and you've got more than enough extra cash to drop a couple of 1TB NVMe drives in RAID-0 for your games, or get a better CPU. In comparison, the overall system would cost you the same price, but would be considerably faster without a bottleneck. 

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@ShuggThat case looks like it could be causing overheating and possibly throttling of CPU or GPU. Try monitoring your temps while gaming

with an app like hwinfo.


Maybe take the front panel off that thing. You still need good air flow with liquid cooling.


Also, is that game on a dedi server, or is it running you your local machine? If the former, network could be an issue.

Were your cohorts also experiencing slow fps?

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I am also having performance issues on my computer as well. It'll go from 80 to 30 fps in A19 seemingly at random. I can walk down a street one day at 80fps and the next day I walk down the exact same street in the same direction, nothing appears any different, and I'm getting 30 fps. If I shut the game down and start it up again, I'll be back up to the 80 literally standing in the same place. This never happened in A18 unless I tried leveling a large building with TNT or something.


I'm also having stutters while I'm walking. I first noticed it in A17 on my wife's laptop before we ended up building her a new system just to be able to play 7D2D. Now I'm having the same issue cropping up on my system. Essentially about every 3 seconds of running, there's a little hiccup. It was super obvious on hers, but it's a slight stutter on mine. Maybe that's the distance I have to travel to trigger objects to load, I'm not sure. It doesn't really show up while looking at a basic FPS counter because it's too quick, but here is what I got from a benchmark just running around trees, water, a few zombies and some buildings. Please note, this is typical, not when I have that huge dip in fps randomly. I'll update this and try to benchmark if it happens again to show you what I mean.


Average framerate  :   84.7 FPS
Minimum framerate  :   57.3 FPS
Maximum framerate  :  125.4 FPS
1% low framerate   :   42.0 FPS
0.1% low framerate :   22.7 FPS

And before anyone asks, my temps are more than fine. I have a Noctua NH-D15 and 4 x 120mm Noctuas and 3 x 140mm Noctuas in my case. The GPU is basically half the temp it would need to throttle, and the CPU is 20°C under the throttle limit at the highest temp recorded.

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So @sylenthompson you are saying I need top of the line, fastest equipment to run a game I paid $8 for?? Well that doesn't sound optimized or affordable for the normal gamer. While my current equipment may need some updates, it can run many other games without issues. Some to mention in the 7 days realm are Conan, ARK, and Minecraft. By the way thank you for the EXCELLENT customer server!!

@beelzybub - I am not having overheating issues. The temp is in normal 38 Celsius range. 

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Minecraft can run on a potato machine, Conan and Ark only stress some parts of the hardware (and they're terrible games in my opinion). This game, being an Indie game still under development started at $35 back when it was barely a game and has been in non-stop development for 7+ years. Of course, prices go down over the years so as to continue getting ppl to buy the game, but that doesn't mean you can just assume an $8 game means it's an old out of date game that should run on anything. Every update increases hardware requirements as the developers continue to make the game more and more eye candy and increase content. Also, this game is unlike any other game out there right now. This is a fully destructible voxel world with structural integrity calculations and weather / temperature implementations.


Now, to answer this topic's issue... are you running at anything above 1080p? If so, then try lowering it to 1080p and report back the fps (this game, in it's current state, doesn't like 1440p and 4k that much). Also, when was the last time you updated your GPU drivers with Nvidia's official drivers? (Windows 10 is known to replace your superior drivers with their own garbage Microsoft drivers causing issues with a lot of games)


Also, I'd like to mention that this game may not like your server based CPU and that my old Ryzen 5 1600x is pretty much equivalent to your Threadripper for this game + stream which you payed so much more money for. My recommendation for you is the next time you upgrade your hardware, go with a Ryzen 7 CPU (or Ryzen 9 if you like spending), maybe the 4000 series when they come out soon. Threadripper is kind of a waste of money for gamers, even if you do a lot of streaming.


There's also the fact that you're streaming / recording your gameplay which is also taxing on your hardware. I'd like to know what quality settings you're streaming / recording at to see if you're setting things too high for nothing. And it may also be needed to lower some in-game settings to handle the recording / streaming as well due to CPU bottleneck. It's easily possible to have the game still look great while running slightly lower settings (like view distance and water quality for example).


And I shouldn't need to remind you that Alpha 19 is in an experimental version and not officially released as a stable version... so you're using it at the risk of your own sanity. I myself have been around long enough to know not to download unstable versions as they tend to not be enjoyable anyways.


This game runs fine for most players right now (and I'm sure it runs fine for your friends too), so instead of directing your frustrations at the developers, maybe you need to reconfigure things or see what's going on with your hardware and streaming / recording software.

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Based on my playing with friends on a variety of old machines, Shugg's machine is capable of running this game just fine.

There's something else going on. Would need logs and details to get further.

I'd assume he got the Threadripper for rendering; a perfectly valid use case.

@Shugg is playing and streaming at 1080p 60fps 3Kbps. I'm watching and he's getting 25-35 fps with no zombies around and 3 people connected.

He tried various settings during the stream without getting any improvement in framerate.

That's not right, and it's not the game, as I've gotten much better performance on worse gear.

It's a driver, or OBS, or a Threadripper quirk.

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@Shugg, post your log.

If your framerate is tanking only when OBS is running, try using the x264 encoder instead of Nvenc. CBR.


3Kbps is not enough for 1080p to look good, and might be causing OBS to struggle. So, if you have the bandwidth, try a higher setting.

See this Twitch doc for more info. At 3Kbps, they recommend 720p.


If you like, pm me the server and I can get more info to help sort it out.

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