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wolfbain5's a19 mods

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more recipes kills all mods for new food, because it removes perkMasterChef and adds it again. Simple append command would be better.

<append xpath="//perk[@name='perkMasterChef']//passive_effect[@name='RecipeTagUnlocked'][@operation='base_set'][@level='4,5']/@tags">,foodTunaFishGravyToast</append>


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Workstations modlet and the more recipes modlet have been updated.

more recipes is now plays better with others with a little code streamlining thanks to Crazy Aluminum for pointing it out to me.

My workstations modlet now has the ability to repair broken vending machines and can place it at your base. recipe includes a 2k duke cost for adding it to the traders restock route.

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