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wolfbain5's a19 mods


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a list of my mods fell free to borrow code or just use.


all have been checked and work with A19 Stable


tool stamina fix

lowers iron and steel tool stamina usage to a more friendly level. you will still need to perk into it and stay fed.


friendlier recipes

lowers some recipe requirements. meant for multiplayer games


More recipe

arrow and crossbow bolt conversion recipes

2 new fish taco recipes. 1 using tuna, the other using 2 cans of catfood. both are balanced with the original fish taco recipe

updated below


Yucca smoothie fix

changed from cold resistance to heat resistance

has a localization file.


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wolfbain5 workstations


allows the players to upgrade workstations in the wild to be picked and moved. check the box for recipes after pickup. warning, dont need the perk, but it will still cost you. so get them at your own risk.


allows the broken workstations to be picked up and used in recipes to lower the cost of workstations early game. still need the perks tho.

Also added the ability to pick up and repair broken vending machines. the recipe includes the cost of adding it to the traders restock route. <for RP>

I need feedback on this one, let me know if the xp cost is too little or what for getting a perkless working workstation.

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On 7/25/2020 at 11:33 AM, Lonestarcanuck said:

this mod is broken with B173.  anyone have a fix? (Starter Quest mod)


it is? let me check. lost power during hanna


edit: working for me and my wife. what is the message you are getting?

edit 2: are you using other mods with loot.xml edits. could be a conflict

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Starter crate has been updated to b179 and added a quest to start with a quality 3 stone age item of choice

also added some localization


known incompatibilities with war3zuk aio mod. you will need to rename my modlet by adding a z to the beginning and altering the entities.xml as a possible work around.

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these are the mods I am using:

-- 1CSMM_Patrons

-- Allocs_CommandExtensions

-- Allocs_CommonFunc

-- Allocs_WebAndMapRendering

-- BCManager

-- DeepPockets

-- GrassCutter

-- ServerTools

-- War3zuk ReGrow Vehicles


I know another server owner having similar issues.  

if you click on the note in backpack the console (F1) opens and you see endless streaming of "Object out of reference" or something like that.


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35 minutes ago, Lonestarcanuck said:

I will try it but first I need to add the following.

I need it to also have a claim block,  3x water and 3x boiled meat and 1x torch.  


otherwise I can't really use it for my players.  




the starter kit doesnt remove the claim block or the torch, you must have something overriding the entityclasses.xml


add these lines to the loot.xml for the added food and drink so it looks like this


<lootgroup name="wolfbainStartergear" count="all">
    <item name="armorMiningHelmet" mods="modArmorHelmetLight" mod_chance="1"/>
    <item name="resourceYuccaFibers" count="100"/>
    <item name="resourceWood" count="100"/>
    <item name="resourceRockSmall" count="100"/>
    <item name="resourceFeather" count="10"/>
    <item name="foodBoiledMeat" count="3"/>
    <item name="drinkJarBoiledWater" count="3"/>

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"a list of my mods fell free to borrow code or just use"

Just double checking. Mind if I borrow some of your "Starter Crate" XML? I'm trying to get "Khelldon-StarterCrate" working again on a19 (here on Github) with the original items that it used to contain.  I'll definitely give credit where credit is due :)


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More recipes


added Mixed berry pie

added mixed berry smoothie

added my yucca smoothie fix

added localization <small amount>


firelog recipe, berry bunches for both blueberries and frostberries

added recipes for the new pie and smoothie, they were also added to the loot list as well as the cooking progression to be in line with the other recipes

has arrow and crossbow bolt conversions

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Hi, wolfbain5! Thanks for the great mods and all your work on CP46!


I am trying to edit your Starter Quest loot.xml to give my players some startup gear to go with bringing in their high level characters. (I think mods prevent us from bringing in characters with inventory, but nude and no items works fine) I have two questions though:


1) Is there a way to add more than one mod to an item? It's named plural so I hope so. Comma-separated maybe?

2) How do I set the loot quality? I see there is a loot_quality_template parameter but I don't know what values will work ther and if it applies to the items or the crate itself.


Thanks for any help you can give!

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