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Super Aircraft Carrier POI A19

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To solve the stability issues of a ship in 7DTD, the carrier has been made to appear logged in an ice lake or an ice lake with years of snow drift. It's a hybrid open style and dungeon crawl, The ground level is at deck 8 (13 total) it has many ways to enter. Decks (excluding the island entrance) 6-9 is open style as you start to delve deeper into the ship you're eventually be funnelled to the centre of deck 9 where the start of the dungeon segments begins. You then proceed through decks 10-13 and up into the island entrance towards the end at deck 6 (flight Deck). The last part of the dungeon crawl is in the island (control tower decks 6-1) and it finishes at the top with a convenient ice/snow cave pit with water to jump into below.

Please be aware

Currently the carrier cannot be spawned with vanilla RWG. It does work with NitroGen However, but there is an issue with large prefabs where the distant mesh doesn't go away and displays permanently, even inside. I do have detailed instructions to get it working perfectly, with Nitro & manual spawning. Included in the main download if you wish to use your own map or add it to an existing map. So to keep things as simple as possible. i have predone 5 maps (2 Vanilla, 3 Nitro), so the only thing you would need to do is choose a map and copy/paste the generated world folder and the prefab files and that's it.

Installing it as a new Nitro map and manual spawning can get a bit involved and i've been sitting on the carrier since it was ready in A18 exp, just to see if the TFP might have fixed some of the issues with the size/mesh bug,terrain bugs (Ice displaying as Snow) and RWG dropping support for large prefabs after a17. However those are still on going issues and i just want to let people try it out. So as it is now there are workarounds for everything except the terrain bug, so no ice ether way. But i'd rather release it like this than never so here it is.


Pre done Maps

Everything you need is in each map download. Once installed everything should work, except the ice. To install on a new/existing map see the main download under the maps.


Predone 8K Vanilla: Download               Predone 4K Vanilla: Download


Vanilla 8KVanilla 4K


Predone 10K NitroGen: Download          Predone 8K NitroGen: Download              Predone 4K NitroGen: DownloadNitro10K   Nitro 8K   Nitro 4K



Main manual spawning or NitroGen download 


This download has all the need documentation and step by step information to manually spawn or use with NitroGen.


Super Aircraft Carrier POI: Download


To see more screenshots of the Carrier throughout the build process, check out my project gallery 










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Thanks Naz
It is a great work of art, very detailed and nice, added to my favorite prefabs.

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You're welcome, glad you like it😀

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thank you i wasn't sure people would be happy with all the janky snow, but it looked more natural in a17 when ice worked, least it kinda works for now 😛

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4 hours ago, ArNaLdInHo said:

Can you share older lobbys from older 7DTD from your server ?  Server Lobby ,  Mile High Club   ...

Unfortunately not, Lobby's are usually unique to the server, i'd have to strip all the branding and all the features specific to my server (player run stores,discovery bounties,Donner personal quarters, landing craft new player spawn system/fast travel portals). The carrier lobby also has the issue the poi version has relating to size, so it has to be split into 2. To get it floating on water is another hurdle, It takes hours to get it in stable no one wants that job XD. The first a16 lobby was a modified old courthouse poi i used as a placeholder until i built my own. I never converted it past a17, The mile high club was just a for fun build on the a16 server, i still have the files but they would need to be converted to a17>a18>a19, it was a simple build  so it's not really worth it.

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