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On 7/4/2020 at 6:07 PM, dcsobral said:

*** SEEDS FOR Alpha 19.0 Stable ***


Huh... I'd have to spend a lot of time here to do this. I have about 200 different seeds for alpha 19 experimental, half 4k and half 8k. I have previews from all of them publicly available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ljjksykyenytm3e/AAAh0mf_CBnXW92eVl5i-EF1a?dl=0


To generate and analyse these seeds I use scripts that are freely available here: https://github.com/dcsobral/seedGen


All my 8k seeds have 10 traders, all my 4k seeds have 5 traders. To make it easy to figure out what seed you find interesting, I've added some of my analysis to a Google Spreadsheet anyone can look at. You can see the number of prefabs in the map, the number of unique prefabs, and the number of unique prefabs that are tier 4, tier 5, stores, skyscrapers or in my top 7 and top 15 lists. Once you find a seed you like, go to the drop link above, download the zip file, and you'll find a map preview there. Traders are marked in the map previews with pinkish outlines, though you might have to zoom in to spot it.


The spreadsheet is at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E1abSNz0_rsoDd-3AVp6SzxY-AF7eVjMfVNhIXN3X20/edit?usp=sharing


I also have a thumbnail preview of all seeds, with color coded buildings. Legend for the seed previews here: https://imgur.com/m1FatgC


Thumbnails for all size 4096 seeds (100 per image): 





The best size 4096 seeds I've found are:


Seed name: High-speedBuchan


Pro: Highest in prefab variety, top 15 and stores.

Con: No skyscraper. No Red Mesa. Two cities disconnected from the others (but very close).

Special Feature: Huge city mostly in the desert with two traders.


Seed name: HepaticPhaedra


Pro: Highest in top 7. Second on top 15. High on stores, tiers 4 & 5.  Crack a Book skyscraper.

Con: Low variety. No Red Mesa. Extremely poor interconnecting roads. Too much on wasteland.

Special Feature: One big city mostly in the wasteland, one city entirely in the wasteland, and one city two thirds in the wasteland.


Seed name: GeodeticCorrosiveness


Pro: Highest in tiers 4 & 5. Dishong skyscraper.

Con: Middling (though not bottom) in other criteria. No Red Mesa. No Electronics stores. Poor interconnecting roads.

Special Feature: Huge city mostly in the snow. Two cities in the desert. One city in the burnt forest.


Seed name: FeministCellarer


Pro: Dishong and Crack a Book skyscrapers. High on prefab variety.

Con: No Red Mesa. No Books stores. No Gun stores. Not a lot of real estate in the forest.

Special Feature: Huge city in the wasteland. Big city half wasteland, half snow. Big city in the burnt forest. 


Thumbnail for size 8192 seeds (100 per image):





Best size 8192 seeds:


Seed name: ClumsiestAbeles


Pro: All top 7 prefabs, tied first on top 15 and tiers 4&5 prefabs, second on stores, tied second on variety. Two Crack a Book skyscrapers.

Con: One disconnected city. No good cluster of cities.

Special Feature: Two big cities on the desert plus another, one big city on burnt forest, three cities on wasteland, two on snow.


Seed name: StriateElizabethans


Pro: First in stores, tied first in top 15, second in top 7, high in variety. Crack a Book skyscraper.

Con: Missing hospital, missing red mesa. Two unconnected cities.

Special Feature: One big city in the wasteland, one big city half wasteland/half snow. One big city in the snow. One huge city in the desert.


Seed name: HebephrenicDecimalization


Pro: Tied second in top 7, third in top 15 and stores. Only one prefab less than the highest seeds in tiers 4&5. Dishong and Crack a Book skyscrapers.

Con: No red mesa, no high school, missing one of the gun stores. Too much urban area in the wasteland, too little in the forest. One disconnected city.

Special Feature: One huge and one big city in the desert. One huge city almost entirely in the wasteland, plus a few others.


Could you maybe create a top 10 seeds for each size map would mean alot and probably help people narrow down their seed choices too :)

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Anyone have a A19.4 compatible 8K or 10K seed 


-- 8+ traders
-- all 3 types of sky scrapers (book, hagashi, appartment)

-- hospital(s)

-- Red mesa 

-- basically everything I would get on a Nitrogen map :)



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On 4/10/2021 at 2:17 AM, 7daysexpert said:

Big favor guys can someone run the seed Millionare for me in the generator as i cant do it on mine everytime i try my PC completely lags out would be greatly appreciated :)

Nice big city in this one.



And if you want to play it, here's the world data to drop in your Generated Worlds folder.


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