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backpack issue

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hi i use "S420_SimpleUI-BiggerBackpack120-PlayerBuiltStorage" wich is an a18 mod .. it works in 19 (no errors) but the windows dont line up ... have been trying to get it to work just for my self but im not really a coder.


anyone that can tell me what file and what section that needs to be changed in order to fix this?


this is the window.xml for that mod 

    <!-- Looting window -->
    <append xpath="/windows">
        <window name="S420windowLooting" width="378" height="378" controller="LootWindow" panel="Left" anchor_side="bottomright" visible="false" cursor_area="true" >
            <panel name="header" height="43" depth="0" disableautobackground="true" anchor_left="queue,0,-3" anchor_right="queue,1,0" >
                <sprite depth="1" name="headerbackground" sprite="ui_game_panel_header"/>
                <button depth="3" name="btnSort" style="icon32px, press, hover" pivot="center" pos="21,-21" sprite="ui_game_symbol_loot_sack" tooltip_key="lblSortContainer" sound="[paging_click]" />
                <label depth="2" name="lootName" pos="39,-6" width="172" height="32" text="LOOT" text_key="xuiLoot" font_size="32" />

                <label depth="2" name="takeAllLabel" width="32" height="30" font_size="30" color="[mediumGrey]" justify="left" pos="260,-8"/>

                <sprite depth="2" name="takeAllIcon" style="icon32px" sprite="ui_game_symbol_hand" color="[mediumGrey]" pos="220, -4"/>
            <sprite depth="0" name="gridBackground" color="255,255,255,1" type="sliced" pos="0, 0" globalopacity="true" on_press="true" />
            <rect name="content" pos="3,-49" >
                <grid depth="12" name="queue" rows="11" cols="13" cell_width="75" cell_height="75" repeat_content="true" controller="LootContainer">
                    <item_stack name="0"/>
    <!-- Player backpack window -->
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@width">1008</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@height">550</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/@height">504</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/sprite[@name='backgroundMain']/@width">1008</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/sprite[@name='backgroundMain']/@height">537</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/grid[@name='inventory']/@rows">8</set>
    <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/grid[@name='inventory']/@cols">15</set>


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changing it to this fixed it for me:

<window name="S420windowLooting" width="{windowWidth}" height="378"


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