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A18.4 Fairly basic no exploit base. Before & after 2 Demos explode

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Posted these first 2 pics in the 'Demolisher Balance' thread


shows damage done by 2 demos blowing near corridor entrance during day 56 horde. (corridor has double thick floor)

Even with half the dart traps down rest of horde went fine. (only 8 alive, old pc)



Rest of pics show morning after the Day 63 horde.

Only very minor damage done in corridor; maybe a couple hundred HPs at most to just a few blocks (random death swings?).

Cop puke hit player cage a few times, nothing serious. Switches are at top so they weren't hit.

Had ~15? demolishers during horde, never more than two at a time. None blew up.


Guess main point of this post is to show a design that keeps traps far enough away so a couple demolisher explosions don't severly cripple a base, or is expensive to repair.




P3_A18.4_2020-06-29_22-24-00_p1_corr entrance.jpg









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