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Padded armor is best armor. Change my mind.


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7 hours ago, JCrook1028 said:

Huh? Heavy armor has penalties to movement.


1 hour ago, BFT2020 said:

I think he is thinking of heavy armor and the book


Yep... the buff lasts something like 10 to 12 seconds after you have hit something or gotten hit I guess.  Easy enough to keep on all night running around. 


They key is that if you finish the light armor perk line, it reduces your penalties enough so that a full set of light armor fill the best fittings in each slot actually gives your character buffs, and makes you run at like 109% speed.  The stamina buff is kinda like having coffee for free.  Padded armor can not do this because you can not put the fittings on without first having a penalty. 


The same thing can be done for the heavy armor line, but it is not really good enough to get buffs.


With the book that negates the run penalty though, you actually end up with something like a 114% speed buff. 

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On 3/28/2021 at 3:27 AM, Jost Amman said:

I didn't see anyone mention that if you want heavy armor you're FORCED to spec into STR, while wearing padded is great if you're specializing in a different tree.

That's the main drawback of heavy armor in my view, you either go full strength or you're just wearing a suboptimal armor.


Which is the main reason the entire stat system is complete garbage and needs to be tossed out. It pidgeon holes you into things, wanna be good at mining? str, heavy armor? str, melee str (blunts are best imo) Automatics, better regen? end. Its why I tossed vanilla in the garbage pretty much, The stat system has ruined the game for me and does not add anything of value to it. Should have stuck with a16.4's system and just tweaked it, thats what darkness falls mod does, and it works WAY better than the crap stat system vanilla currently uses. I mean i'd be less annoyed about the stat system if the stats actually DID anything, yes, I know they up headshot damage but it needs to do more than that.


If you insist on a stat system I suggest a change, lower it to 3 stats, Survival, Combat, and Something else maybe life skills? and it has all the crafting stuff under it?. Survival has armor skills, stuff like cooking and mining, Though combat might also have the armor skills. Combat controls perks for EVERY weapon type, both melee and ranged of all kinds. The base stat ups headshot damage like the current ones do, then you can pick what weapons to spec in. This puts all weapons, and the stealth perks etc under 1 tree. Though you could argue stealth could go under survival too. I find the current stat system just limits you way to much, until your a high level anyway.

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54 minutes ago, Scyris said:

Its why I tossed vanilla in the garbage pretty much, The stat system has ruined the game for me and does not add anything of value to it.

You don't need to toss everything in the garbage, just use this very minimal but very impactful mod. :thumb:

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