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Experimental Recipes


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Mod updated to version 29.215


Getting empty cans from old cans.

Added two quest in the starting chain: coal and nitrate

Added Perks to study recipes by leveling.

Added zinc icon.

Added: ilmenorutile, titanium crucible.

Added model: tables training, shells painting, Large kits.



The appearance of nitrate on the surface of coal, reduced. The greatest number of nitrate are now found in the desert biome of coal burned. (Works with a new game or locality)

Stalactites and stalagmites, reduced the number of drop-down lime and nitrate.

Fixed: The bactericidal bandage, first aid kits.

Fixed a problem with the model at the flintlock.

Changed airdrop: an antibiotic and an antibiotic plant constant.

Returned prescription nitrate.

Changed farming: Plants added to stage "zavyadschee" (except corn and apple). Plant after the acquisition stage, you need to collect a hoe on the paints.

Reduced output of gunpowder.

Changed buffs and analgesic ointments.

Changed loss of titanium scrap ore ilmenorutile

Titanium Smelting changed to melting crucible.

Sealed box 100% exposed to the loot.

Changed the recipe: ointments, him.stola, great kit.

Changed the model and texture of the stone hammer pickaxes.

Fixed point of damage from stone and wooden spears.

Iron spear, adjusting material.

It increased the time between beats for choppers.

Nitrate and coal removed from the surface in the winter biome. (It works with a new game or locality)

Fixed bug with missing plants in a snowy biome. (works with a new game or locality)

Increased the drop rate of females with cubs.

With the destruction of musorok will drop paper and plastic.

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Sergant how to add time to your gui?



<sprite pos="200,-60" sprite="" color="255,255,255,255" globalopacitymod="1.8">

<label depth="2" width="300" height="30" text="{DayTitle}: {Day|always} {TimeTitle}: {Time|always}" font_size="28" pivot="center" effect="outline" upper_case="true" justify="center"/>


to windowCompass block.

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Hi and thanks for sharing this mod. There is many changes and addons here and I would love to use a few of them on my private server with a few friends.


So I wonder if it is ok to use only Zombie Bosses? If so, Is it just to use code from entityclasses.xml and entitygroups.xml?

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Mod updated to version 29.234



Added a recipe: the inner corner tile, wooden staircase, wire fence, sofa, armchair.

Added starting hut.

Added: Energy Drink, ampoules to the injector for the treatment of viral infections, and, bunch of dynamite.



Fixed fee toadstools.

Fixed farming: Mushrooms.

increased time to plant transformation in the grass.

Removed immunity from infection in antibiotics. Immunity gives only the injector.

Reinforced mines of the wheel cap.

It changed the way the loss of empty bottles.

Strengthened TNT.

Loose stick of dynamite.

Changed the recipe for TNT and dynamite sticks.

Increased the chance of weapons and medicines to airdropa.

Stone picks reduced the time between beats.

Fixed spawn wheat plains biome.

Changed the number of fruit plants.

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Скажи пожалста, как собирать растения с грядок. Всякие помидоры и картошки созрели, судя по виду, но собрать невозможно. Кулаками, тяпкой просто набивается трава. А через какое-то время все посадки превратились в траву. Это так и должно быть?

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Nitrado ROOT Server.


hi Sergant1000.


we have a nitrado root win server not a dedicated server and we want to play with your mod on our server.

1. we installed a vanilla version of the game.

2. installed modificated server dll -> mod

3. server does not starting...


whats wrong? pls help step by step!!!


sry for eng

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Mod updated to 29.252



Added static car on the road: the military, the police, ambulance and bus, with their own loot.

Added model stone knife.

Added suhpaek.

Added a recipe for C-4 in the table instruction.

Added the ability to grow birch.

Added model medium oven



hammer added to improve the units with the help of clay and sand.

reduced time between the collection of plants from the chopper.

Fixed soap.

Reduced skill requirements "Alloys Knowledge"

Fixed a prescription for the Colt Python, in the table of learning.

Hunting knife Fixed damage to furniture.

Iron spear replaced by bronze. I changed the recipe.

Modified Iron spear. I changed the recipe.

Increased downtime mature plants up to 120 min. (It is not known how it will work)

Changed the number of seeds with the fruit.

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Awesome all in all, thanks for the mod!


But I have a question about farming. Placed seeds, the plants mature and I see that I SHOULD be able to harvest them, but no action is displayed and if I try to hit it with a knife or hands I just get grass. And that if left for too long they transform to grass. Is there some hidden step that I'm missing, like watering them or something... ?


EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out. You have to use the Hoe to harvest stuff.

Edited by DaSilver (see edit history)
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Mod updated to 29.275



Added blocks: "Wood Frame", "Wood Support Frame", "Wood Pillar Frame", "Flagstone Plate", "Cobblestone Plate", "Wood Stairs S", "Wood Pole Frame".

Added model plants: carrots, beets, tomatoes.

Added harvest plants by hands and shovel.

Added a recipe thread from the web.

Added Recipe bone meal added to the millstones.

Added recipes for mixed concrete with other containers.

Added a recipe for the installation as a decoration for: chrysanthemum, goldenrod, yucca and aloe.



Fixed broken military machine.

cobblestone reduced the number of strokes to improve.

Fixed the bug of new textures on the zombies.

Recipe hut added to the workbench.

Increased output of smokeless powder.

Changed bones stack.

Change Repair spears.

Improving stone hammers added.

Beet translated into a 3-phase growth.

Updated model stone picks and stone knife.

"Flagstone" exposed stone repair.

Gas canisters removed scrap to the metal.

increased damage to a fire trap.

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Mod updated to 29.301


Added :

Added recipes for lunch with corn bread.

Added Corn tortillas.

Added model: minigun, a table with the armor, the shock and a fire trap.


Fixed :

Fixed bath for painting.

Spear replaced skill of creating a "Weapon Smithing" on "Homemade Gun Smithing". Optimized code.

Homemade Rocket moved together.

"Hunting Knife" changed the recipe.

Changed material Bench on the tree and fix.

Bench 2 has been removed from the core group. Optimized code.

Metal bench, modified repair.

Added repair: Beehive, Bird's Nest, Coop.

Facilitating and optimized model of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Changed the recipe for Iron hammer and a wrench.

It reduced the number of experience in the creation of tools.

Fixed "wood Pole Frame"

"Flagstone Plate" icon is exhibited.

Change the action of adrenaline. Magnification: speed and endurance.

Updated analgesic effect. The increase of number of health.

Fixed collimator sight at "galil".

reduced maintenance muzzle from automatic weapons.

Optimized model "iron Spikes".

Added damage from shock traps.

Changed material munition box.

Increased durability of the dead bodies, "spraying" bodies shot reduced.

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Mod updated to version 29.320



Added burning stove, replacing the dilapidated stove. Shabby moved in the second workbench.

Added spoon.

Added skill "Forging Knowledge" opens the caliper and dies with taps.

Added model "MP-443 Rook"



The average stove added to the recipe set for blood collection.

Animal fat now smelling.

"IMI Galil" - a little understated sight.

"SIG SG 552" - Fixed sight.

Updated "Compo-Pack for Random Gen" to version 22.

"Oil Refinery" corrected texture.

"Wooden Barrels" corrected texture.

Rearrange the recipes in the fire and ovens. Slightly optimized.

Fixed recipe red tea in a tin.

Forks and spoons exhibited material tin.

zinc scrap added to the broken stage machines.

Optimized code for the new machines.

prescription on the assembly "MP-443 Rook" added to "Pistol Book".

Reduced demand for skills "Archery Knowledge"

the growth of plants on display at 6 o'clock. This correction can be very baggy.

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