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Hi I am new and playing Warz3uk mod.. the problem I have is after I revamped a house in prefab and place it in world editor the changes I make there dont stay...example I want to dig a ditch and making a few changes around the house...I log out log back in and it has reset to original...meaning it has reset to the prefab as I loaded it...ditches gone and I dont understand what I am doing wrong...I spend hours in making changes save it and then just to log back in and its gone... Cant one then make changes in world editor before u start the actual new game? Also some new worlds i added to this mod wont load and some mods like the elevator (the one that has several floors u can choose) it say on 7D2D mod launcher that the mod is there but in the game its not there.  I just need somebody to help me to understand where I am doing something wrong....I am new at all of this and google is not ur best friend here lol...Im know only the basics and follow a lot of youtube vids but OFC I am now stuck with this issues...not sure if its this mod and that u cant do certain things in it or if its just me being blond here.... (ps I am blond LOL) Please help!! =(( OH and if i play Warz3uk from mod launcher the changes are different than just launching it straight from the desktop shortcut  without the launcher...that I also noticed.

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As far as i'm aware, the world editor is just for that world / save file. It's not messing with the actual map that was generated through RWG, it's just for that exact save. So if you create a new world with the same seed, you will have to re do the changes you made from the other world... if that makes sense. World editor is just for that specific save file of that seed.

What you can do is edit it in world editor, then select the prefab again (with z) and export it, overwriting the existing prefab.. That would make it so each RWG you create after that will use the new, edited version of that prefab... if that makes sense.. lol

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