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Things I like/dislike about a19 from what I seen.

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Splints should not require duct tape. It should be easily craftable in the field with zero starting resources. It should have only marginal utility, but it shouldn't require the Holy Grail of crafting resources. I might modlet that recipie back to cloth + wood. Maybe 10 cloth instead of 2, just for extra cotton-plant-punching goodness.

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On 6/30/2020 at 3:21 PM, Boidster said:

The stamina drain rate is super-annoying, but then it is only Day 2 and I have incentive to perk into stamina, or start eating stamina-boosting foods. I just wish I didn't have to take a break every 2 or 3 dirt blocks when digging for treasure. I am trying to be aware of confirmation bias in my evaluation of A19 since I'm coming from a mid-game A18 world where I had a few max-level perks and level 6 T3 weapons and tools. Everything sucks in A19, but I have to remember I'm a n00b again.


Hey, birds' nests seem to have made a comeback! And the club is much more effective than I recall. I can 3-hit most zombies with just a level 2 wooden club. It's pretty satisfying.

Clear eyes or not, ANY time the player is spending doing literally nothing is a bad idea.  I find myself using my phone in the early game when doing something that is high stamina usage - that is a crap sign.  


I imagine stamina usage is going to change pretty fast.  

11 hours ago, Boidster said:

Remind me not to party up with you in case of a real zombie apocalypse! 🙂


Have you looked into - and I say this with all due respect to your eating glass strategy - just eating honey to cure the infection? It's easily obtainable and even counts as a little bit of food.

After reflecting a bit on this... it is easy to obtain for you and me BUT I can see how it would be asininely frustrating to a new player that is unaware that stumps provide honey.


That is not really something that would make much sense to a new player.  I do not find infection prevalent though so I think his problem is just angry RNG Jesus.  On day 12 and I have not been sick in any shape or form yet.  I might just be blessed by RNG Jesus though however my experience in that area is not very good :D


I think I am unlucky by nature, lol.

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