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Zombies of unusual size

Big Red Zombie

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I know we have crawlers at 1 block high, and all the other zombies are 2 blocks high. What I was thinking would be cool is to add one that is 3 blocks high and it hits 2-3 times as hard and takes 3-4 times as much damage. It wouldn't be located indoors unless the POI has a garage door that is large enough for it to walk through or it's in a lab type setting like it was created by a mad scientist. It busts through the wood walls like paper, not a fast moving zombie but a real hard hitter, if it hits you your armor gets knocked off and you have to pick it up while avoiding the other zombies. Only 1 or 2 show up during a horde night because they are so tough, that way you have to decide if you want to focus on them or the rest of the horde trying to kill you.

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