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Blood Moon Range Is Broken (Fixed)


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Recently I started playing on a world set with Blood Moon Frequency 1 and Blood Moon Range 10. The first horde occurred on day 2, and following day 15, I became extremely worried; the horde should have arrived by then. Multiple creative test worlds later, each set with different Frequency and Range options, followed by a wipe of my 7D2D files and a re-installment of the game 3 consecutive times, the issue still persists. I searched through the DM code while in-game, and this is what I found:



From what I can gather, it decided that the first blood moon horde would occur on day 2 in this example, but due to the third line of text, it forever attempts to re-initiate the next horde on that same day, even though that date has long since passed. In other words, following the first BM horde, I never get a second one.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

EDIT: It's fixed, thankfully. All I had to do was repeat the same process... for a 5th time. Incredibly odd.

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