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On 11/14/2020 at 1:43 PM, NiteVIper said:

I was goofing off with a map awhile back named WorkingStiff and it so far seems like a promising map, its been some time since ive been on 7d2d because ive been so busy with another game, only play 7d whenever my game is down for MA or has a really huge patch and i dont have anything else to do lol 

I only play the game 99% of the time with friends online. Please feel free to divulge any POIs and other info on that map. I will try to do the same on one that my buds and I are playing. We had one going and I made a stupid mistake ( we play if you die, you choose if we start over or a new map ) and I died so I named it "I ****ed up" Only one capital letter and you must guess the *'s. Not a deep riddle, so far at least 5 traders , I believe 4 towns/cities plus Zero Zero a little bit of dead zone ( aka wasteland ) but good biome mix. We settled just SE of Zero Zero. 

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