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Looking for a gameplay on youtube (Alpha 18 or 19)


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I'm looking for some Youtuber that plays the game with 1 or 2 friends on Alpha 18 or 19.


And I have 3 more important requests:

- The youtuber should be quite NEW to the game and doesnt know everything at once. (he learns stuff while he plays) OR the player isnt a player that does stuff without explaining. I dont like gameplay where the guy/girl just puts stuff down and run to that or that. (Hard to explain)

- The gameplay should not be to short.

- The build that he does should be looking nice not just throwing everything around.


I really liked the gameplay of Mah-Dry-Bread something similiar to him

I myself dont play the game because my PC is bad so I love to watch others play


Thanks :)

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