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When I check out random map seeds, sometimes the slog is so hard I never get to explore everything before I give up on that map. The other week starting a new random gen map I came across skate park in the centre hub! Like......never seen that before. Now, I don't think I've seen all the POI's in the game even after slogging it out for some time.

Trawling through old topics on maps, "BASE test" is sounding like a good one with 3 cities and 12 towns. I'm hoping that would have a selection of every POI 


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If I remember correctly on the console version, the Navezgane map will have exclusive poi's like the football stadium, the gorge down in the desert biome, and I'm thinking there are a few others but I can't remember them. 

Hell the random gen maps might even had some exclusives of their own. 

The gorge was pretty cool, definitely a site to see. There's a shop right on the edge of it further south overlooking the gorge with an awesome view. The mining building on the north end is cool too & will take forever to go through if you can find the secret underground bunker that takes you to the bottom of the gorge. 

Cool stuff

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Thanks Outlaw,


14 days into BASE test and not having a good time so far. Not come across anything new let alone much at all. Desperate to find a minibike plan, then I'll get a good look around. If this don't work out I'll go back to Navezgane as I never really saw everything there. 

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