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Dear 7 Days to Die

I have been a supporter since Alpha and have written down some of my suggestion to make the game even greater.

One of your game uniqueness is that it’s a crafting survival game, own it!

-        Make it rewarding to craft like traps that gives you xp upon zombie kill.

-        Craft molds to gun parts and thereby make it possible to craft guns again (Repair lowers item-lvl).

-        Craft vehicles with placeable blocks to modify it (it becomes slower the heavier it is).

Make it less like rust like giving it a storyline / a characteristic like fallout where you can choose how your character will be: Angelic, neutral or pure evil?.

-        It can be NPC POI like an NPC stronghold (Where you can kill, steal, employ etc. from NPC’s)

-        Or make it possible to craft a portal where you can join together with other players from different servers/singleplayer worlds or go in alone to a new world with dungeon, puzzles, storyline, timetravel (Going back into mediaval zombie world or zombie infected spaceship) where you have to protect, survive or clear zombies or survive in a small area (island?) with limited ressources (like the previous small world).

-        Make random encounters like convoy or train with NPC’s. (Might be hard)

For crafting I recommend adding a hotkey for shaping blocks and add shape in menu together with scrap, place in hotbar, use etc.

Add some sort of shader for looks and reduce performance usage from high buildings by adding height rendering so only a few building floors are rendered at a time.
(Not sure whether this already exists)

Add peaceful worlds (Could be community build worlds like a medieval world) for new players that want to learn how the crafting system/game works,
role playing players, players who just wants to build or pure pvp world (You already got the game for it)

I have made sure to suggest most things that should be an easy change and whether it’s useful to you or not is entirely up to you.

I hope you continue with your awesome work

and wish you the best: 7d2d fan.

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