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POI idea:Military zone-Dead zone


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Before being overrun,this was a place of prosperity,a hope for a better future,new civilization.

Day after day it received supply drops,planes were landing on its runway,valuable supplies and equipment being delivered,used to maintain and secure its place in the wasteland.

It was a sizable community,well armed,large and strong walls defending its population  along with turrets ,vehicles and great leadership.It was well stocked with everything it needed-ammo,food,water,electricity,manpower and hope.Not a regular horde can destroy such a place,let alone its walls.

Years later you discover it.

Holes in the wall,like wormholes they connect you with your own memories...

You enter that place,a corpse of what it once was.Broken siren,cries of the dying,you relive it all over again...

On the ground level,you see the potential this place had while there were people.Now you see scrap.And a radio tower.

Near it a hole on the ground grabs your interest.A collapsed bunker perhaps?
You drop your torch in there,it falls deep.Shortly after that ground begins to shake,makes you wonder just when a roar you never heard before drives you out of your mind,followed by more of them.

You begin running for your life,narrowly escaping those huge monstrosities on your copter.

Taking a look at something you never seen before in this wasteland you feel dread mixed with curiosity and wonder where and how those things came about.Was it a mutation?

Evolution?If so,is someone behind it-some kind of organization?What can you do?...



I don' know if someone had a similar idea,neither would it even be considered,probably not.

Its just my idea inspired by the game in a way that i would love it,and possibly other people too,with all due respect to developers.

I don't think it would change the game,just add to it,maybe a main story,new items,possibilities,larger world and more things to do in the future if possible.



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