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Is 7 Days To Die Coming to The Soon to be released Playstation 5???

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So as we all know the current Console version of 7DTD is discontinued...

due to reasons we all know....


So with only a few small months until the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox makes an appearance on shelves around the world, one question is on our minds!!!


Will 7 Days To Die be released on the new consoles??? with a severely updated Alpha??? Possibly bringing us Console Lovers up to speed???




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After knowing the desaster of the console release and TFP seeming not to have the power to maintain different platform releases, i doubt that a Next-Gen Console release will occur soon. Hopefully they learned from it and won't give another release out of their own hand.

Deal with it. TFP is a small company, they might be not able to care about different platforms. I can't play several games on PC, you may not play various games on console. "Exklusives" work on both sides. And especially in that regard there might be more "well known" exklusivs on consoles, but indeed there are far more exklusives on PC.

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