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Chris Dunaway

What connects a loot container to a particular vehicle?

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What is the "link" between a vehicle and what storage container it uses?


To be clear, I'm not looking for how to increase the vehicle storage.  I want to know what connects a particular loot container to a particular vehicle.

In the loot.xml file, this line appears:

<!-- vehicleMinibike storage --> <lootcontainer id="77" count="0" size="7,2" sound_open="UseActions/open_shopping_basket" open_time="0" sound_close="UseActions/close_shopping_basket" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> </lootcontainer>

The comment indicates that this is the storage for the minibike .

In vehicles.xml there is a section for the minibike named storage:
<property class="storage"> <property name="class" value="Storage"/> <property name="display_name" value="basket"/> <property name="slot_type" value="basket"/> <property name="mesh" value="basket"/> <property name="transform" value="basket"/> <property name="parent_part" value="chassis"/> </property>

But I fail to see how the game knows that lootcontainer id="77" belongs to the minibike.

Where is the "connection"? Is there some configuration somewhere that links them up?
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I moved your topic. The Mods section is only for posting mods, Questions can be asked in "Discussion and Requests". 

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