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Z2 - HUD Replacement (Alpha19)


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  • 2 months later...

I noticed there was a message but I’m currently at work and will be so until next week before I go back home so I have no ways of helping you with that from my current location nor do I have the time to do so as you might understand from my late response.


Message me again next week, Wednesday or something and I will see if I can assist you with this request.

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31 minutes ago, lehnux said:

Since nobody seems to be able to help, here ya go: https://mega.nz/file/EAdSFLRZ#hmGysQV9Qx8MxgUmHhRsTYen0LP9MjCx-0AtuEYbRZ0


And if you'd like the Alpha 18.4 version that is red, has compass lettering, and purple xp bar : https://mega.nz/file/cYFiQJrY#ZYIcedxaMKnGTdf-qEfDbKuFItp1hjlWAUwhW7j-pf8

You're the absolute best! Thank you!

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On 5/27/2020 at 11:37 PM, Sirillion said:



Z2 is a small side project of mine that I just sat down and started coding the other day. I started with creating a new compass bar and then just

went from there, making things up as I progressed along the orange line. The result is what you see in the screenshots below.


No external assets were used in the development of this HUD with the exception of the compass bar of course which sparked this whole thing.

The compass bar is hosted online(imgur) and that makes this modlet server friendly in the terms that it requires no client downloads unless one

opts to use the optional 10 slot tool belt and target health bar patches which will require the clients to download and install DMT modlets.


I've not spent a whole lot of time on this modlet yet, and as such I am sure there are both bugs and hopefully minor issues I haven't caught

before releasing it. Please make me aware of those with a post in this thread. I prefer not to be sent PM's in this regard.


Worktime: 3-4h (initial sketchup)

Worktime: 6-7h (fine tuning, touchups, changes)


This modlet is coded to be a HUD killer. This means that it can be dropped into an overhaul mod and it will likely kill the overhauls HUD and

replace it with Z2. Some adaptation might be needed depending on overhaul features and original HUD complexity.


Z2 is currently not scale friendly, due to this it attempts to lock the scale at vanilla values. This might cause issues if added to other mods or

modlets that rely on changing the scale to display correctly. This will be rectified in an upcoming version.


It's color scheme is also highly customizable through the styles.xml file. So if orange is not your thing, change it there by setting a new R,G,B

color code in the correct style entry. This will be further diversified in an upcoming version.




Z2 - Showing the HUD and the radial menu.




Z2 - Showing the vehicle health and fuel bars.





Z2 comes with some optional features that can be used. The reason I made these optional is because they require a higher level of experience

when it comes to modding, they require the use of third party tools, they render the client EAC unfriendly and they require clients to download
and install the modlets locally.


The first optional feature that is available at release is the target health bar which, when installed correctly, enables the target health bar in the

games engine and adds some other tweaks by SphereII to further enhance and touch up the bars a little. (DMT patch provided by SphereII)


Z2THB no longer requires a DMT patch to work. Simply install it as any other modlet.



Z2THB - Showing the target health bar. (Requires client install and DMT patching.)


The second optional feature that is available at release is a patch to tweak Z2 to fit if you have a 10 slot tool belt modlet or overhaul installed.

Please do note that Z2 itself does not currently come with a 10 slot tool belt DMT patch.




Z2TB10 - Showing a 10 slot tool belt. (Requires client install and DMT patching. Also requires a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod/modlet.)





To download click on the images below. They pull directly from my github repo. Optionally you can download and install these modlets through

SphereII's Mod Launcher (recommended). Install like any other modlet by dropping it into your 7 Days to Die installation folder and making sure

that the hierarchy is as follows; "Mods\modname\ModInfo.xml". And as always, do the smart thing and backup saves first. Use at your own risk.




Download Z2                    Download Z2TB10                    Download Z2THB                   



This is an initial release and is to be considered a test version. Please post here with any issues that may present themselves.

Updates and changes will happen when I get around to it. I will try and touch up this main post with some more fancy graphics and stuff soon :)


Hope you like it!


This looks SO good, I wish it worked for A20. It's perfect.


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  • 4 months later...

Anyone who has tried Z2 on A20 what problems are you experiencing? I've just tried it in A20.5 and its mostly working for me. Only things I've seen so far is 

  1. Player level not showing in bottom left corner
  2. Toolbar hover-over not showing

Im not seeing any NREs which is good so far. 

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  • 8 months later...
2 hours ago, Kalex said:

I still have the files for A19 release 4 if mod's author does not object to me sending them to you.

Not at all as long as it doesn’t generate a stream of questions towards me for how to make it work. If the recipient promise to receive and not bother me with it we’re good. 😛

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On 2/10/2023 at 3:15 AM, Sirillion said:

Not at all as long as it doesn’t generate a stream of questions towards me for how to make it work. If the recipient promise to receive and not bother me with it we’re good. 😛

offcourse, i will not bother you, i will behave i promise 😛

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