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Z2 - HUD Replacement (Alpha19)

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20 hours ago, shadowireland said:

I could try again adding it to the server but I dono if it might or might not take it 

nope, ive tried them all still nothing coming up on the server

Then you have likely done something wrong. It should have been updated yes but with that patch it should still work.


There is nothing in the code of this modlet that doesn’t work on a server.

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2 hours ago, Saklyes said:

Okay, I think I've found a problem, see if you can help me. 
When using the mouse scroll, the console screen appears and cannot be removed, 
you have to restart the game completely. Any solution?


Attached image.

Yes, this mod doesn’t really support the newest version of the game as it only has an 8 slot tool belt and the game moved to a 10 slot. There is however a 10 slot patch that can be used as a bandaid for now.

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