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20 hours ago, Guppycur said:

Probably doesn't work anymore.  MM kept dying from gravel so he removed it falling, and even tree falls don't do damage anymore.

My co-op partner kilt two zombies in our game the other day by dropping trees on them. Now I did not directly witness this, however my friend is of impeccable character and honesty so I trust his description of events.


Nevertheless, Imma go test it...


Edit to add: CONFIRMED. Trees kill zombies. Only tested on an Arlene, dunno yet how tough of a zombie a tree can take down, or whether different trees do more/less damage (one assumes the little trees do less than the big ones, but a 900HP big tree vs a 1200HP? Pine vs oak? Dunno yet.)

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On 5/23/2020 at 2:43 PM, Guppycur said:

Hell, he once had the drop key remapped because he dropped his bow.  😃

Good riddance. Q to drop was ridiculously bad.

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