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New Mod List Project

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When the forums changed to a new company and a new platform there was no way to automatically redirect every individual link to the new location of the posts those links pointed at. Hence, all links to forum threads and posts that existed before the change must be manually fixed. 

Therefore a new mod index needs to be made and to share the work on that I am asking for every mod author to post a link to their own mod. 

This is not a thread to express your outrage. Vent elsewhere. Simply post the name of your Mod and the link to your main thread that advertises it. 

Huge thanks to Clockwork Orange who created the mod list index we had. 



0XP Rolmod


bdubyah's modlets


Community Watercraft Project



Darkness Falls

Doughs modlets


FarmlifeV3 Modlet


Gnamod UI

Guppycur's Modlets


Harrys New Calibers 

Harrys New Callibers Junk Turrets 

Harrys Motor-tool Mods 

Harrys More Loot From Zombies 

Harrys Improved Vehicles

Harrys Better Biome Spawns 


khzmusik's Modlets


LazMan's Modlets (Quests, Tablesaw, Trader, etc.)


Ragsy's Modlets

Ravenhearst Mod


SMXmenu - MENU Replacement modlet

SMXhud - HUD Replacement modlet

SMXui  - UI Replacement modlet

Subquake's Undead Legacy


theredwolf13s modlets


War of the Walkers



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Posted (edited)

My Modlet Page


Guppycur's Additional Characters - Adds a few more characters - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Blood Moon Trickle - Removes the TFP trickle on blood moons
Guppycur's Can Grenade - Cheap, easy, goes boom
Guppycur's Commercial Blocks - Adds commercial blocks
Guppycur's Commercial Kitchen Blocks - Adds more commercial kitchen blocks
Guppycur's Cop Acid - Harvest cops for their acid
Guppycur's Desert Ambiance - Adds dust devils and dust storm to desert biome
Guppycur's Door Blocks - Adds a variety of doors; doubles, gates, drawbridges, portcullis', etc
Guppycur's Dust Devil - Dust devil entity by itself
Guppycur's Elevator - Adds a fixed sized elevator
Guppycur's Fantasy Mod Extras - Adds a few items for a fantasy mod
Guppycur's Fireworks - Adds a zombie distraction fireworks box
Guppycur's Flame Thrower - Adds a hand held flamethrower weapon
Guppycur's Get Nailed Quest Chain Edit - Fixes quest chain for Kheldon's Get Nailed mod
Guppycur's Grenades - Adds a smoke and flash-bang grenade, great for PvP!
Guppycur's Heads on Spears - Adds heads on spear blocks
Guppycur's Hospital Blocks - Adds more hospital blocks
Guppycur's Insects - Adds a flying hornet type insect and prefab/nest - Compatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Japanese Characters - Adds Japanese characters - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Misc Blocks - Adds a lot more blocks for decoration and building
Guppycur's Misc Blocks 2 - Adds even more blocks for decoration and building
Guppycur's Mobiles Modlet-NonSDX - Broken @%$*#! vehicle modlet; okay, it works but needs finishing. Use Ragsy's instead
Guppycur's New Torch System - Replaces torches with a new system
Guppycur's Orc Pack - Adds orcs - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Other Creatures - Adds other weird creatures - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Placeable Light System - Replaces lights with a new system
Guppycur's Radiation Mod - Bit buggy for a18 (hopefully fixed in a19), but enables rad1 and rad2 zones along with armor modifiers allowing entry to those zones
Guppycur's Rad Dampener - Adds an item to hold that will remove the radiation healing effect of nearby entities
Guppycur's Rad Eyes - Replaces rad zombie glows with green eyes
Guppycur's Rad Warning Signs - Adds "Danger: Radiation Zone" signs to wasteland
Guppycur's Rage Zombies - Better than TFP's, these ragers won't quit!  Better kill them quickly.
Guppycur's Random Zombie Getter Upper - Randomizes the "get up" time for zombies, so that you're less sure if they're dead or not
Guppycur's Riot Shield - Adds a riot shield item to hold
Guppycur's Robot Dog - Adds a companion bot to follow you around and help you carry stuff
Guppycur's Rotating Bridge - Adds a rotating bridge
Guppycur's Shopping Cart - Adds a push-able shopping cart and a drive-able shopping go-kart
Guppycur's Soldiers - Adds soldiers - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Stairway To Hell - Randomly replaces wooden stairs with versions that will break when walked on
Guppycur's Trees - Adds more speedtree blocks to the game
Guppycur's Vehicle Madness - DMT mod for a vehicle mod overhaul.  Adds MANY vehicles and a new system for acquiring them
Guppycur's Victorian Blocks - Adds Victorian era looking blocks
Guppycur's Wanted Posters - Adds some wanted posters for yours truly
Guppycur's Zombie Pack - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Zombie Doctors - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack
Guppycur's Zombie Soldiers - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack

Edited by Guppycur (see edit history)
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Various A19 modlets: 

10 Slot Toolbelt (DMT Required): 

Hardcore Mode (DMT Required): 


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