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Double barrel Shotgun update

Adam the Waster

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i was pretty happy to see a double barrel shotgun come in game but was kinda sad it was not a long barred one. however after some thinking and with some other shotgun mods i think it could make not only those mods more useful but can also add some nice uses for the DBS


1: shotgun its self: when you make it or find it. it could come with a long barrel like the ones people uses for hunting, yeah it makes sense why it saw off but at the same time, the pump shotgun can be sawed off too!


  • Ups: has higher range then most shotguns (best with slugs), cheap to repair, has great range for vultures! and can even have a scope on it 8x8 WHY NOT!
  • downs (low ammo), Low Durability,, slow reload  



now down to weapon mods!

  • Sawed off: with this weapon mod it will turn it into the DBS that we have in-game
  • shotgun ammo extender ( i can't find what it was called for the pump shotgun to have more ammo please let me know) you can place this on the DBS and it adds 2 extra barrels on top kinda like the DBS from metro and other games, so you can have 4 shots.



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