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Caveins, pickup and disappearing loot

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Sometimes when you have a cave-in in a mine, you will find a small lootbag with sand, a rock or similar. something you can pick up.

I assume this is a chance roll.


I would like to increase the chance of actual getting the item from the cave-in. I find it strange that the iron ore that just fell down disappears into thin air.


I have searched for a modlet that does this, but have not found any.

Anyone know if it exist, or a simple way to adjust the chance of an actual pickup?





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Easy if you are willing to tackle xml dark magic.

Let's see about stone:

<block name="terrStone">
        <property name="Material" value="Mstone"/><property name="NoScrapping" value="true"/>
        <property name="Shape" value="Terrain"/>
        <property name="Mesh" value="terrain"/>
        <property name="Texture" value="1"/>
        <property name="ImposterExclude" value="true"/>
        <property name="LPHardnessScale" value="2"/>
        <property name="Weight" value="125"/>
        <property name="Map.Color" value="100,100,100"/>
        <property class="RepairItems"> <property name="resourceCobblestones" value="6"/> </property>
        <!-- <property name="HarvestOverdamage" value="true"/>  default=false; that was a super terrible idea. If a tool does 500 damage to a 100 HP block you get 5x the assigned harvest    amount.  -->
        <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceRockSmall" count="55" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/>
        <!-- <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceScrapIron" count="10" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> -->
        <drop event="Destroy" count="0"/>
        <!--drop event="Fall" name="resourceRockSmall" count="44" prob="0.23" stick_chance="0"/-->
        <drop event="Fall" name="resourceRockSmall" count="44" prob="1" stick_chance="0"/> <!-- HERE -->
        <!-- <drop event="Fall" name="resourceScrapIron" count="20" prob="0.23" stick_chance="0"/> -->
        <drop event="Fall" name="terrDestroyedStone" count="1" prob="0.4" stick_chance="0.5"/> <!-- AND HERE -->
        <!-- Better to have fewer stacks with higher numbers for performance reasons. -->
        <!-- With a stick chance fallen resources just get buried and fall off the earth. -->
        <!-- Could maybe do "0.1" stick but it would quickly make the whole endeavor unfun. -->
        <property name="CanMobsSpawnOn" value="true"/> <!-- BM and horde AI can ONLY spawn on these blocks, the minimum distance to any player is 30m -->
        <property name="EconomicValue" value="5"/>
        <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="1"/>
        <property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/>
        <property name="FilterTags" value="fterrain"/>
        <property name="SortOrder1" value="d0j0"/>
        <property name="SortOrder2" value="0050"/>
        <property name="DisplayType" value="blockTerrain"/>

Look at the lines that say HERE and AND HERE. I have already modded this for myself so you see prob="1" (that is 100 %, prob="0.2" is 20 % and so on). Stick_chance is the probability of falling terrain forming new blocks. This is responsible for creating the destroyed stone blocks everyone loves to clear.

Bad part is you have to modify every terrain block you want to behave this way and be quick when picking the items up. They despawn really fast (~10 seconds or so) and I found no way to change that.

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Thank you for the information.

I can edit the XML, no problem - but I was warned about doing it in the actual game files - do you know if there is an easy way to implement this into a modlet, that just does these changes?



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