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New forum look & feel poll

Message added by Roland

This thread and the poll thread were accidentally merged. Credit goes to Boidster for this very witty poll. I did not make the poll. Go find Boidster in this thread and give him a rep because the poll is his. Sorry for the confusion!

Please choose the 7D2D metaphor which most closely matches your impression of the new forum look & feel  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. How does the new forum make you feel, in 7D2D terms?

    • No-scope headshot on a blinking Demolisher
    • Decent POI which could be upgraded into a solid base
    • On the one hand, two gun safes in the loot room, on the other hand neither safe has a gun you want
    • Cop spit destroyed critical relay, all blade traps and turrets are offline, but at least you have some ammo
    • Backpack fell through the world, lost several top-tier items

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1 minute ago, stallionsden said:

forum design looks great but it has ruined all our mod thread pages...

See the top notification, it is being rebuilt by background processes and should be fixed by tomorrow.

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7 minutes ago, stallionsden said:

argh had to go back to first page to see that.. fair enough lol haha good work

I added it as a message banner so it should be at the top of each page now.

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24 minutes ago, SMiThaYe said:

Roland could you clarify if the Ratings are working as intended for threads, top-left hand side? I see there is one rating already on this OP but we can't vote.

Edit: Does liking OP affect this, not really clear?

I see five stars at the top of this page on the left hand side. Do you not see that?


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1 hour ago, Jugginator said:

Oh, not sure if blind or not, but I don't see an off-topic section anymore.

I think the off-topic section has been gone for quite some time now. We do all of our off-topic gibberish here in General Discussion now.

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I wish there was an option to resize the whole forum. Something like when you press CTRL + scroll the wheel on your mouse up or down. Right now it's pretty huge on my whole screen. I wouldn't mind if it was slightly smaller, but I haven't seen any option for that.

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