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Does Navezgane have all POI's


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Im a completionist when it comes to gaming. Its rare for me not to finish a base or don't finish a game. Although games like 7d2d are hard to xD


Now here is the thing.

I'd like to experience every POI at least once especially now that they are dungeon style.


So I wonderd.

Does Navezgane have every POI atleast once or are there POI's that are random gen only.


I saw someone who made a world where very item was put in. Just to check it out (cars trees etc).


Are there people who made maps like that?



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Navezgane is the dev's handcrafted map. It should contain at least one instance of every POI and object in the game, last I checked. (Edit: The following information is current as of A18.4 on the PC version; I am unsure if it is wholly accurate on console: In fact, there are some POI's that are currently ONLY accessible in Navezgane, and cannot appear in RWG unless you're using a third party utility like Nitrogen.)


I'm unsure if there is an existing community map that does what you mention though.. It wouldn't be all that hard to do yourself, though. Just a bit time consuming.

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Forgot this was the console forum when I posted this. - The main statement is still accurate though, Navezgane should have at least one copy of each POI. (see edit history)
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Thanks for your responce, I am playing on PC (have it on ps4 also though. (But I was indeed asking about the pc version). I thought Navezgane was suppose to be the indeed handcrafted map which displays all of the POI's but I wasn't sure in the same post I made in the PC section (yeah I messed up the posts). Someone told me there are a lot of POI's that aren't in the Navezgane map. But when I checked the list he supplied. Most of those look like fillers for random gen. (junkyard lots etc). My focus is on actual dungeon style buildings which I enjoy tbh.

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21 hours ago, Superseanski said:

Does the console version, Xbox One, have the Fates Motel? If so, does anyone have coordinates? I believe on the pc 1105 S, 1304 E, but when I went there it was one of those Hotel 8/Holiday Inn.

I'm 99% sure Bates motel was always a dungeon POI and relatively new. Therefore can't be older than A17 and would not be in the console version.

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