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A19 pre-experimental testing

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Thread is locked now, second wave incoming soon.

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Hey guys!
We just sent out  the second wave of tester invites.
We did lock the thread because as of right now we are not looking to do another round of invites.

For A20 pre-testing we will be selecting people based on how well they report bugs during A19 experimental and stable, instead of creating a thread like this one.

So if you did not get picked, really show us your bug reporting skills as soon as experimental releases.

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Steam name: FalcoDeLupvs

Hours played: 481

Started on Alpha: 18.4 (actually had the game from way way back at start of early access but computer couldn't handle it at the time.)

Discord name: Don't have a discord account yet.

Native language: English but.. live with a native German so..


Other: I'm a software engineer, full stack including GUI and hardware / robotic machine interface, mostly C++ but have reasonable skills in javascript and C#. Just getting into working with Unity but will have to upgrade my computer to do it right! LOL. I also dabble with writing SciFi and fantasy, did a fair bit of game testing for Microsoft on the side. Was posting on steam till I realized there were actual 7 days to die forums. duh!

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Steam name: Extarys (https://steamcommunity.com/id/extarys/)

Hours played: 435 hours

Started on Alpha: 10 (Started to really play in A17, prior to that, 10 hours tops)

Discord name: SickWolf#4960

Native language: French Canadian/English


Playing on Linux Mint with RX580 8GB VRAM, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 2700x.


I started making many mods in A18 - didn't publish any yet tho

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