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I don't know if this is a bug or an oversight, but please change the mechanics for big cats and coyotes and small wolves who you stab, then they run away for 30 secs, then come back, then you stab, then they run away again for 30 secs, then they come back again, over and over and over and over. It's pretty ridiculous. And they aren't zombies so you cannot blame bad mechanics on these like you do with birds. Have them either flee for good or stay and fight. Anything is better than this.

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Easy enough to mod this to how you want it. This is the line in the entiyclasses.xml thats causing your issue:


<property name="AITask-4" value="RunawayWhenHurt" data="runChance=0.5;healthPer=0.3;healthPerMax=0.6"/>


This task has the wolf runaway when hurt. it does it half the time when its health or healthmax drops. Then it returns to fight its revenge target, the thing that hurt it.


Swap in another task, like approachdistraction and it will act more like the bear.

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