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gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs flag performance increase

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Folks playing other Unity based games have discovered enabling that flag can boost performance by more efficiently using CPU threads. Enabling it in 7DTD's boot.config gives around 20% more FPS on some hardware setups, but fails EAC verification so it's a change TFP would have to make if people want to use it online.

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I found enabling this setting in the boot.config on the server itself does not mess up EAC. It is just the clients that do. My server has been working a lot better with this setting enabled. Each time you update the game you have to change it back. I noticed at least 10 more FPS on server side and I have EAC enabled.

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I tried this on my client system (single player, but system graphics card is so low end I have to play in windowed mode and very low video settings).  

it worked well. For the first time in forever I saw 50-60+ FPS (in a forest, with a small poi nearby).


some info:

- I read the FPS benefit may go away in some situations (large horde, etc). Personally: don’t care as I see the benefit during normal game play more often... however: because FPS gained, I started turning “up” my video settings (because why not?). At some point later in the game my game froze. I run a lot of mods so it’s not vanilla, but it normally doesn’t freeze up.  But I don’t have a lot of data/testing to pin it down, just more of a “hmmmm” because maybe I turned up video settings and the “benefit” conditions hit and it was too much load.  So, my current recommendation: leave other video settings alone that worked before you messed with this setting IF your settings were set very low to begin with to make the game playable.


- if you go into steam game properties and “validate local files”, the boot.config file will be overwritten with defaults, removing this settings change.

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