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Trader Buy Everything Mod?

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You might look into changing this setting in traders.xml:


<trader_info id="1" full_reset="true" min_inventory="40" max_inventory="80" min_items_swapped="20" max_items_swapped="20"

reset_interval="3" open_time="6:05" close_time="21:50">


I don't have high hopes for it, because it seems to me the traders will stop buying X but still buy Y which means there is some sort of per-item limit as well.

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The trader won't buy more than 3 anything. aka 3 pistols or 3 6k stacks of rocks. This includes anything the trader already has. So if the trader has 3 pistols for sale already they wont buy any.


As for were to edit that at, sorry don't know.

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