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Telrics Pokemod

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Okay, So tested it and they do in fact only spawn with zombie and predator animal spawns. On top of that I know you kinda just gave up on the mod and all.... But if you did come back would love for some kind of follow feature with the pokemon so they don't just wander off lol

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15 minutes ago, CrypticGirl said:

Ohh, thank you!!


I haven't updated to A19.2 yet, so I'll try it on 19.1 and see if it works...


EDIT: Is the download link updated?  I only see a 2.0 download, which was uploaded in April...

The new download is on the forum post i linked. On my main post for a19 stuff.

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51 minutes ago, CrypticGirl said:

I see it on the list, but the the links lead back to this post, where the main post hasn't been edited since last April.  I see no download links in the post you linked.

Click on the yellow "telrics pokemon". Would get you a link but not at home right now. If you click any of my mod names, that is the link.


 Scratch that... just tried clicking on phone and it went to this post. Ill fix when i get home..

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Just now, CrypticGirl said:

Yes, but as I said, those yellow links lead to this post, which has the old A18 download link.

Yeah ill fix it when i get home in a bit... no clue how i linked to this post on that. Lol

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11 hours ago, IamLucario said:

Your mod is absolutely sick and has serious potential. Please don't give up on it because it's "not popular" ! Pixelmon started out with much, much less.

Lol thank you. it was fun to make.. Right now i'm real deep in making an rpg mod, so I wont be messing with older mods for a bit.

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