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Something fishy with lvl4 quality weapon damage

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I've noticed a drop in damage for lvl4 weapons compared to lvl3 ones. Not a one-time but a consistent behavior on multiple items.


So far I've looked at: Wooden bow, Iron Crossbow and Hunting Rifle. All tier 2 weapons. I see, consistently when spawning multiple items in creative that average damage increase from lvl1 to lvl3 and then drops at lvl4 to go back up again at lvl5 to lvl6. This is too consistent to be attributed to the randomization of damage value on weapons.


I also notice that this does NOT happen to the primitive bow. Maybe because tier 1 weapons seem to be handled differently in the Items.xml, not having this line: <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value="-.15,.15"/> <!-- random EntityDmg --> meaning they don't have a randomized damage value


This is very easily replicated in creative mode.

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