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progression in Navazgane is slower


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I haven't played Nava in years. Kind of feels like going home. Got my favorite base in my favorite spot and I'm really enjoying it.


Progression is slower here than in random gen for some reason. I'm not complaining but I'm scratching my head as to exactly why.


I think it's something to do with you have a lot more stuff you can loot in random gen whereas not quite so much in nava. the traders seem to have better stuff in random gen but I'm not sure about that. It's just a feeling and that's subjective.


It's definitely more difficult for me to salvage steel bars. All of the vending machines work, that source of steel bars is essentially gone. Very few of the workstations I find have worked. It was 3 days before I found a working workbench and longer before I found a working chemistry station. I had looted the schematics and built the workstation, chemistry station, and cement mixer before I found any that worked. don't think I have found a cement mixer that works yet. I am on day 11.


I like the changes though. Thought sure I'd find a beaker in the hospital and I found just one on day two or three. Haven't seen one since.

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