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Wrong hint when hovering over an empty slot in a container

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Summary: Wrong hint when hovering over an empty slot in a container


Game Version: 18.4

Platform: PC

OS/Version: Linux

CPU Model: i7 8750

System Memory: 24 GB

GPU Model and VRAM: GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Video Settings: Custom with most settings to Ultra

Game mode: SP and Dedi


Did you wipe old saves? No

Did you start a new game? Yes

Did you validate your files? No

Are you using any mods? Yes

EAC on or off? on


Status: NEW


Bug Description: Under some circumstances when pointing with the cursor at an unoccupied spot, it hint that pops up shows the wrong thing.


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


1) Open a container with an item in a specific slot and hove rthe pointer on that item.

2) Close the container

3) Open a second container with at least the same number of slots.

4) Point at an empty slot in this second container and view the pop-up shows the hint as per the first container.


Actual result: Pop-up hint appears to remember the item from the last container opened for any empty slots


Expected result: There should be no pop-up for empty slots suggesting that there is something that isn't there.


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