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House Voxll Casual PVE Dedicated Server / XP 200% / Loot 150%


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Welcome to House Voxll!



Welcome to House Voxll, a casual PVE server! We are currently recruiting mature adult players.


This is a long-term server focused on allowing players to be creative in the world (however, Creative Mode is not provided – we still have to gather resources and craft what we need).


We are building primarily in the Desert biome. We are currently around day 270. We have multiple Horde bases, including a Castle, ready to go for Horde Night. We have a Crafting Tower where the community crafts and shares resources. We have a substantial amount of resources ready to get you started building. Additionally, we have a collection of armor and weapons we have looted, to get you caught up with the rest of us.


In other words, when you join, we provide you a starter pack including a gun, ammo, repair kits, a full set of armor, food, and water!


We allow 5 land claim blocks and other players are not allowed to destroy what you have built. We have also lowered the number of screamers/scouts that spawn, so it is less likely that zombies will destroy what you build.


Server Setup:

- XP Gain: 200% / Loot Abundance: 150% / Block Damage: 50%

- Player vs Player Killing: NONE / DISABLED

- Day Length: 60 real mins / Day Light Length: 20 in-game hours

- Drop on Death/Quit: Nothing

- Land Claim Blocks: 5 / Land Claim Expiry: 10 days / Land Claim Protection: Full


Server-Side Mods (nothing you have to download):

- S420 Simple UI – Bigger bags size 120

- Faster Vehicles

- 20k Stacks of Resources

- Enhanced Auger (faster digging)

- Concrete dries fast

- Less Screamers (lowered heat map of crafting stations)


Message me on Discord if you want to join!


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