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Electrical Passthrough.. oddness.

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A) If you hookup power to trigger plate, to motion sensor then to more sensors, then drawbridges, then garage door, it all works. (or lights)


B) If you go power, to switch (or relay, then switch) then as A. it works.


C) if you go Power - trigger plate, electrical relay, motion sensor, drawbridges, garage door, it does NOT work. No power at the relay.


Can over over the trigger plate and see yup, it's got power, but there to the relay, no power at the relay. Yet if go to motion sensor, yup, it has power.


18.4 stable, Ubuntu.


I wanted relays as I've got double drawbridges, and wanted the motion sensor out past the 1st drawbridge.


Ended up with 3 sensors. Kinda works nicely in that when riding up the ramp on da choppa, the sensors trigger in sequence, thus turning the lights on in sequence (kinda cool)


Also, riding the chopper over the trigger plate, does not trigger.

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