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Weaponry Addition Suggestion to A19-A20 and after


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Having played the game both on console and PC, with some slight modding for the PC platform to add more difficulty to the game outside of insane permadeath runs on 1 day blood hordes, i became very accustomed to the small variety of weaponry at the disposal of each and every survivor trying to make their gains or just hold out enough for friends to aid them. Here, i will throw my suggestions of a bit more weapons to add other than the new AR, auto shotgun, pistol, and new models for the weapons and tools in game!


Makeshift pistol


The idea was inspired by playing Rust, seeing the Eoka pistol being made in the look of a used shell tied to a stick by twine or vines, and also the single use blunderbuss that most survivors would overlook if they had discovered a Double barrel shotgun before finding the blunderbuss. It would also give more use to the blunderbuss ammo if there was another weapon to be able to chamber it.


Such as a single shot pistol, which can chamber makeshift shotgun shells made from paper, nails, and gunpowder; rifle rounds using bullet casings or cans, along with gunpowder and stone, Like the gun model is just a tin can with a string of plant fiber on the hammered end, on a twig


Maybe the recipe be something like 1 tin can, 2 plant fibers, and 10 wood.


Since its a single shot gun for very early game stuff, it would be more suitable for either PvP servers for people to ambush and go loud on, or the survivors who hate the bow since it is a difficult find to get birdsnest while running away from zombies in a thick grass forest.


Stone knife


Since we already have the stone axe, stone javilen, and stone sledgehammer, it would make alot of sense for someone to bash two rocks together and make a sharpened stone instead of break 5 random femurs found in a rotting trash bag to make the early game knives.


Cavemen didnt start the wheel and the stabby rock for nothing! Why stop once the wifi cuts out?


Midwestern revolver/Revolving Rifle


Especially since the release of the cowboy zombies, and the old town POIs, it would be interesting to have a bit more old western weapons for people wanting to roleplay as Arthur in RDR2 in their favorite server in 7 Days. The revolver would be something like you see with most old west movies, manual hammers, having to eject each shell one by one, and load them as such too. They can chamber the same 9mm round as a pistol, and the revolving rifle can chamber 7.62 or something similar, to prevent the weapon from being as ignored as the Blunderbuss has been for me and various other survivors who happen to find a level 2 hunting rifle


Assorted rifles,shotguns, MGs, pistols, and what-have-you!


As much as we love playing the 5th generation family redneck child, discharging 12 gauge at innocent birds to alert the hordes, or playing as the Cold War Participants, we cant just have fun knowing America was a bit south from the initial blast site that caused this global apocalypse! Seeing a wider variety of rifles, auto rifles, handguns, shotguns, and maybe even a FLAMETHROWER would be a tangible mix, since most of the more isolated POIs, like the trailer park, would definitely not just be sporting one relic of a man who loves hunting big game, but rather someone hiding a highly illegal butter knife attached to an even more illegal M1014 shotgun, with his neighbor being ready to overthrow the government with a blurry vision using a modified M16 chambering and holding a box magazine, making a fine addition to the Machine gun collection for the game.


And for the flamethrower, someone mustve grabbed a blow torch, a propane tank, and some footing of a water hose, and MacGyver'd his way to impress his friends with the throat of a dragon at his fingertips! While it isnt canadian enough to spit out the maple syrup from your moose wife's mouth, these additions would make the vehicles like the Motorcycle and the 4x4 to suit more to the sadistic minds of the damaged world that lays silent to the lone survivors.


TL DR. For those who dont like reading!


Not enough variety of guns makes the game feel boring when you have 3 worlds that have passed 200+ days without a death, or to those who hate modding their games. Add guns, make boom, happy people

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The revolver would be something like you see with most old west movies, manual hammers, having to eject each shell one by one, and load them as such too.


AKA a single-action revolver with a loading gate. I definitely don't see this being added to the base game. Very few players would use them unless they had no other option. Not to mention the need for special animations.

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