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Advanced Weapon Crafting and some other thoughts


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Hey guys,

I am recently playing the new alpha version and since 7dtd is still a great game and getting better and better by updates i thought it would be worth sharing my 2 cents about some mechanics.


Weapon Crafting:

I get the idea behind the recent change to weapon crafting that you are not allowed to craft tier 6 weapons anymore and i think its great to basically have to play the game and find/buy the best gear.

However (for me) it feels kinda meh in the actual play. Once you craft your tier 5 weapon of choice (which is kinda fast anyway) there is no need anymore for salvaging this type of weapons. At this point parts are completely useless since the weapons sell for more and they are not needed to repair stuff. It basically is okey-ish since tier 5 is still good and getting a tier 6 is more or less random at that point. But maybe it can be improved.


I would suggest that you can only find and craft tier 1 weapons at all. I know this sounds bad at first but it opens up a few choices and possibilities:

1. Upgrading weapons: Take your standart tier 1 gun and do what you would do in reality - take some parts of the same weapon type, mix in some other materials and upgrade the gun to the next tier e.g. tier 1 pistol, 6 handgun parts, some duct tape, a little iron and 1 oil - and voila, you get your tier 2 gun. For upgrading the gun from tier 2 to higher levels the additionally needed ingrediences could of course get more rarer to the point where you would need parts, steel, some military fiber maybe, springs and lets say a diamond. I think this way upgrading and in this course adding extra modding slots feels very natural.

2. You can still connect different tier upgrades to skill progression and even make the last recipe trader/loot only.

3. Its basically a minor change since all we need for this are a few new recipes


Let me know what you guys think of this! :semi-twins:



World modifiers:

Normally i play with no loot respawn since i like to be forced to go out and explore the rest of the world. (Also it feels kinda wierd to me that empty houses are magically being restocked) - so thanks for that option!

Sometimes i like to concentrate on building stuff thats not really able to withstand 7days hordes. Again thanks for the option to opt out the hordes! However playing without the hordes makes it more apparent that except for some zombies in the buildings, there is not really much going on. You have your 1or2-in a mile-zombie, some very rare packs that are brainlessly ( i know they are supposed to be that way! :p) storming in once direction or the once in a while screamer that is drawn in from heat.


1. I would love some option that allows us to pimp the general spawning of enemys, like maybe making the whole place more crowded over all. (Yes, in addition to that i am also a fan of the idea of a 3rd party faction (bandits, raiders, whatever) that runs around a little more organized and sometimes maybe even shooting at you.)

2. Also i noticed that there are some "problems" with enemy spawnings when you are a little higher up e.g. on some building or platform standing guard at night. Since (my guess) enemys cant spawn within your sight, there is basically - nothing - going on, maybe 2 enemys in the whole night cycle. Also while wearing a rifle with a nicer scope the view distance is probably bigger than the distance an enemy would spawn in. This way its not really possible to "see 'em coming' since they spawn halfway at your front door. Maybe its possible to adjust some influencing stats at game start like you did with the 7days horde?

3. I think healing items (life/max life regen) are way to strong. I would like a modifier to reduce effectivness overall



Thanks for listening so far and good luck with pushing the game to the next level which you did so often already in the past! Cheers, Biz


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