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Zombie ai and ladders freezes dedicated server ?

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Hello 7 days to die team,


On my server I have made a horde base, this horde base purpose is to let zombies fall down in a 30 block deep hole and letting them climb up using ladders. But everything seemed to be working during the blood moon until all zombies and players stopped moving. After a lot of searching and effort, we concluded that it wasnt a problem with my pc nor the server. The server froze because there was something going on in the game that prevented the rest of the server from loading (There were no errors in the console every single time). So we thought since this problem started to apear since we were testing out this base design, that we would try out a blood moon at another place. In this blood moon we experienced no problems at all, so we took a look at the other base and the process that was going on and we thought, what if the ai of the zombie(s) gets stuck while trying to climb the ladder and because of that freeze the server with a certain process. It didnt seem like a overload because my hardware wasnt struggeling at al.

So we remove some of those ladders and started a blood moon, and we didnt find any problem.

I hope this post helps.


Image of the hole without the ladders the zombies can reach: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/641947929279463424/692492880539025509/unknown.png?width=1204&height=677

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