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Why I asked about zones/biomes


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This is the reason I asked for code to allow larger quantity of color

mask zones/biomes.


It's partially selfish and partially future thought.


Unless you do a lot of third party manipulation "code limits/controls all"

The reason for the biomes request is just for naming convention and painting

purposes. Example: If the entire biome map were a single microsplat texture combo or

multiple would make no difference.


In biomes.xml, a simple copy/paste/rename of the biome then assign a Hex color.

On the biomes map, open in krita, use pixel brush only, "thanks Capt" The terrain

remains the same. The difference is now in biomes you can add specific spawn rules

to that painted area, limited by imagination and hardware.


RwgMixer.xml Cities have


townGroup residentialOldGroup residentialNewGroup commercialGroup downtownGroup

industrialGroup ruralGroup detailFillerGroup wildernessGroup diner_FastfoodGroup

gas_Station_Group industrialGroup ruralGroup wildernessGroup detailFillerGroup

storeGroup traderGroup


The potential benefit, a shape can be painted anywhere on the biome map to allow

a specific grouping of Pois. This means custom configured cities with a unique

comfiguration of poi locations. Poi spawn is partially regulated in the Prefabs.xml


<property name="Zoning" value="downtown" />

<property name="AllowedTownships" value="city,town" />


This can be expanded to the spawning.xml by making a specific spawn

type/mixture/volume/respawndelay/gamestage multiplier that differs in each microcosm.


Another controlled expansion would be to assign LootGroups to these specific sub_biome

groups. Promotes the need to travel for specific supply types and probability, visual

spawn would correspond with expectations, but can be elevated by gamestage multiplication.


Using sleeper_groups

example: <entitygroup name="ZombiesAll"> adding sleeperspawn_zombieall.Group would allow for

external sleepers to be incorpoated. In prior alphas were some dead people loot blocks, basically

inert sleepers. These can be reincorporated, so you never know if it's a sleeper or a loot container.


Each play style/Genre has it's own rules expectations, no matter how much adjusting is done

all can't be covered by one configuration. "Some all, All some, Never All All"


Personal References: OXP, Sweep=N-Clear, DarknessFalls Trader, Npc Quests, Bandits, Horde every night

GnaMod, Tin's Dying Lands Terrain mixture "Microcosm visual" Npc and Defendable areas "prison, police



This can coincide with event planning system, If respawndelay is changed in code from Int32 to float

with cascading spawn algorithm will limit on screen ai, yet allow simulation of danger, volume, and

activity. Buildable areas, lulls, necessary exploration, the need to clear an area before reaping

rewards. Pulling from a preset group of entity pools could lower overall load.




What I meant by gamestage multiplier.


I did a test editing the the gamestage variable I changed it to Gamestage+50 so I could see a visual

change as I played It was directed at POI sleeper spawns so as I progressed to retrieve sleeper loot was more perilous.

instead of a 1:1 ratio of progression mine became 1:50.


The code that would probably be the most flexible would be gamestage"allow sign.+-/*=", float. The default would be

gamestage = 1 for vanilla standard ration. This would allow for a global variable in the sleeperspawn level

also if applied to the spawning.xml would do the same. 1 edit in spawning.xml and each area can have its own level of spawn.

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